Why Bank Tranfers

Easy Remittances

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There are three reasons.

Consumption Compared To Investment And Business Payments

Card transfers are suitable for day to day consumption requirements. SWIFT transfers are suitable for Investment/Business transfers, to buy land, shares, homes etc. The cost of a SWIFT transfer does not change in line with the amount sent. This will mean that the more you send, the cheaper it becomes.

For example:

Amount sent: USD 5,000

Cost: USD 100 (varies from bank to bank)

% cost to amount sent: 100/5,000= 2%. If the amount sent had been $10,000, the proportional cost would fall to:

100/10.000 = 1%

By increasing the denominator, the % cost will keep falling.

Secure Online Banking

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Keep balances

Having converted the initial transfer, you can choose to make local payments at your own speed. You will be provided with a statement of your balances and the detailed movements in your account. You give us the instructions and we do all te work!

insta remittances

We pay to bank and other forms of accounts as well as to mobile wallets.