How It Works

Easy Remittances

any time,anywhere.

Send money to your loved ones hassle free.

Step #1. Register

Upon registration, a one-time password will be sent to your registered phone. You will then use this as the password for entry. This will be done, every time you log on. It may be tedious, but we hope you appreciate the need for a tight security regime.

Step #2. Prepare disbursements/local payments

You have two choices for sending funds, a Card transfer (Visa or master card only) or a SWIFT transfer.

Card transfers are available in USD only and are paid immediately to Mpesa and next working day to local bank accounts. SWIFT transfers are available only in USD only and are paid out upon receipt of funds in our accounts. SWIFT transfers are suitable for amounts greater than USD 5,000.00.

Step #3. Instruct your bank to send a SWIFT Transfer.

If you have opted to use a SWIFT transfer, then you will need to instruct your bank (probably through e-banking) to send a SWIFT transfer to our local foreign currency accounts. We will also give you a LIONPAY REFERENCE NUMBER which you can quote on the swift message. When we receive the transfer in our local USD bank accounts the reference number will be used for cross referencing to your transfer.

For conversion, the ruling exchange rate on the date of receipt will apply.

Step #4. Local Payments/Disbursements

We pay to bank and other forms of accounts as well as to mobile wallets. You can have as many local payments as you desire.

Secure Online Banking

We are committed to keeping your financial information safe and making sure you can transact with us securely.

24/7 Personal Support

LionPay is here to help with your questions. If you have any queries, please access our "Contact Us" page.

Keep balances

Having converted the initial transfer, you can choose to make local payments at your own speed. You will be provided with a statement of your balances and the detailed movements in your account. You give us the instructions and we do all te work!

insta remittances

We pay to bank and other forms of accounts as well as to mobile wallets.