Card Transfer Calculator

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Card transfers are transferred immediately to a maximum of 24 hours.

All currencies are converted to USD; so use USD even if your currency is not USD.

How It Works


Register on the website using a valid telephone number (including country code). You will receive a one time password for site entry through this number. We do not accept Kenyan numbers, unless you are a foreigner in Kenya. Ideally this is a site serving the needs of the diaspora interested in Kenya.


Determine whether to send money to Kenya by Card (Visa/Master) or by SWIFT.


Card transfer

All cards are converted to USD, regardless of the currency. So choose USD as the currency. Determine the amount of USD to send and choose the local payment as either Bank account or Mpesa. When this is done, AUTHORIZE the payment

SWIFT Transfer

We only accept USD transfers into our local USD bank accounts. Once we receive the funds, you can send us a list of payments to both Bank (USD or KES accounts) and Mpesa accounts. We upload these for you on your profile/account, within our website as a record of how the funds are applied. Your profile will always have a record of how the funds are applied.